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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FIDE's position in respect of the Ivanov case

FIDE is closely following the developments of the story with regards to the Bulgarian chess player Borislav Ivanov.

We are in receipt of several inquiries and proposals in respect of this issue, with ACP proposing some serious steps. (Y. Garrett letter)

ACP representatives joined FIDE in a Committee which is now preparing a whole system of measures against all kinds of cheating. The Committee will present a proposal to FIDE's Anti-Cheating Commission for the approval of the 2014 FIDE General Assembly to take immediate effect.

FIDE is aware of the damage caused by this unfortunate incident and is seriously considering various proposals.

However, FIDE has not received any official communication from the Bulgarian Federation in this respect and this is the second incident involving the same player from this Federation.

Having in mind all legal aspects of any action against Mr. Ivanov, FIDE is going to bring this case before the FIDE Ethics Commission, for their follow up and decision.


Anonymous said...

Ivanov is a GM is disguise.

Ken Chamberlain said...

I think they need some real evidence that he has cheated, before they do anything.

Anonymous said...

Can they find any smart phones (tiny computers) with metal detectors?