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Monday, December 23, 2013

Kiril Georgiev tops the Padova Open

The Padova Chess Club organized the 16th International Open City of Padova on 15-22nd December.

The event consisted of three tournaments:

- Torneo Internazionale was a 9-round Swiss for the players rated 1800 and higher
- Open Weekend was a 6-round Swiss without elo restrictions held on 14-15th and 21-22nd December
- Torneo Weekend was a 6-round Swiss for the players rated under 2000 held on 14-15th and 21-22nd December

Bulgarian Grandmaster Kiril Georgiev is the clear winner of the Torneo Internazionale after concluding the race with 7,0/9 points. Italian champion Danyyil Dvirnyy is in the group of players on the shared second place with 6,5 points each.

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Top finishers at Torneo Internazionale final standings (63 players):

1. GM Georgiev Kiril BUL 2648 – 7,0

2-5. GM Solodovnichenko Yuri UKR 2586, GM Godena Michele ITA 2509, IM Dvirnyy Danyyil ITA 2560 and IM Bruno Fabio ITA 2414 – 6,5

6-11. GM Petkov Vladimir BUL 2558, IM Rombaldoni Denis ITA 2462, GM Rozentalis Eduardas LTU 2622, IM Kovacevic Blazimir CRO 2437, IM Borgo Giulio ITA 2369 and GM Lazic Miroljub SRB 2461 – 6,0

12-16. IM Manca Federico ITA 2402, IM Caprio Guido ITA 2423, GM Rombaldoni Axel ITA 2527, GM Mogranzini Roberto ITA 2506 and GM Naumkin Igor RUS 2445 – 5,5 etc.

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