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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quickie chess tactic

White to move. What is the best continuation for White?

r2r3k/7p/1b3Pp1/4Rp2/2n5/1p6/7P/B3R2K w - - 0 1


Bernardo said...

1. Re8+ Rxe8 2. Rxe8+ Rxe8 3. f7+ b2 4. fxe8 = Q+ Kg7 5. Bxb2+ (then if Nxb2 it's followed by 6. Qe5+ recovering the piece with winning advantage).

jcheyne said...

Spend the rooks on checks on e8, then f7+ followed by fxe8(Q), and White will win.

Brian Bunnell said...

Trade rooks then push the pawn for discover-check, Right?

dapnagpur said...

and there is no defence
against rook and bishop
double check
It is mate

Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. Re8+ Rxe8 2. f7+ b2 3. Rxe8+ Rxe8 4. fxe8Q+ Kg7 5. Bxb2+ Nxb2 6. Qe5+ Kh6 7. Qxb2 1-0

Anant said...


Anonymous said...


Luc Brussels said...

1. Re8 Rxe8
2. Rxe8 Rxe8
3. f7+
Easy or i'm in good shape this morning.

Anonymous said...


s.k.srivastava said...

Re8 & Re8 + discovered ch wins
We are getting easy problems

pht said...

1. Re8+ Rxe8
2. Rxe8+ Rxe8
3. f7+ b2
4. Bxb2+ Nxb2 (Ne5 Bxe5 Rxe5 f8=Q#)
5. fxe8=Q+ Kg7
6. Qe5+ Kh6
7. Qxb2

Up with Q+1p vs. B+3p.

Anand Gautam said...

1. Re8+!! Rxe8
2. Rxe8+! Rxe8
3. f7+ b2
4. fxe8=Q+ 1-0

Manish Shrikhande said...

1. Re8+ Rxe8
2. f7++

RKMSH1972TO1976 said...

There is no defence against
mate. If pawn b2 then f7 pawn
queens with the help of rooks

pht said...

Actually, I think f7+ works as move 2# also, even though most of us wanted it to be move 3#.

How can black deviate from:
1. Re8+ Rxe8
2. f7+ g2
3. Bxg2 Nxg2
4. Rxe8+ etc.

I looked at:
2. ... Ne5
3. Rxe5!
and now the discovered threat looks overwhelming.

However starting with 2 rook checks and playing 3. f7+ was clearer and easier to calculate...