Thursday, January 09, 2014

Check-mate for Australia's best and brightest

It's check-mate for Australia's best and brightest chess stars in Springvale
JANUARY 10, 2014 12:00AM

THE nation's most brilliant chess players have descended on Springvale to battle it out for the Australian title.

The Australian Chess Championships are held every two years and this year's tournament kicked off on January 2 and winds up at at Springvale City Hall tomorrow.

The event has already broken its record for the highest number of participants overall and in the championship section, with 192 players taking part, including 42 in the top section.

Chairman of the organising committee and Noble Park Chess Club vice-president Dusan Stojic said there were some incredibly strong players in the top section, including defending champion and Grandmaster Darryl Johansen, one of only four players to hold the prestigious title in Australia and about 200 worldwide.

Two visiting Grandmasters from Russia and Vietnam also took part, though they were not eligible for the Australian title, while Australia's first U12 World Champion, Bobby Cheng, also played.

Mr Stojic said the tournament was a great success.

"The coverage for the event was really good. Chess fans from all over Australia tuned into the live coverage, with the top seven boards in the championships section broadcast live as soon as they were played.

"We received very positive feedback about the venue itself and overall it's been very, very positive."



Anonymous said...

Is he the best Australian?

Anonymous said...

I think that honour belongs to Ian Rogers

Desmond said...

Ian Rogers is now inactive, but was the highest rated Aussie ever. He was over 2600 for a few years. Johansen has been No 1 for a long time, but the No 1 Aussie now is Zong-Yuan Zhou, who is close to 2600. Australia has some very promising youngsters, notably 16yo Bobby Cheng, a former World U12 Champ, who is fulfilling his promise, and also Anton Smirnov, who has impressive tournament results against GMs and Ims and is very close to being the highest rated 12 yo in the World right now