Monday, January 27, 2014

Kasparov criticises Dutch Olympic delegation

Chess champ Garry Kasparov criticises Dutch Sochi delegation Monday 27 January 2014 Former world chess champion turned human rights activitist Garry Kasparov has criticised the heavyweight delegation the Netherlands is sending to the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Speaking during the Tata chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Kasparov said politicians should not attend the opening ceremony of the games. 'The only thing Putin wants is a nice picture in which he is surrounded by as many world leaders as possible,' Kasparov is quoted as saying.

The Netherlands is sending the prime minister, sports minister, king and queen to Sochi and has been criticised by politicians and gay rights activitists for taking such a 'heavyweight' approach. Many western leaders are staying away because of Putin's human rights record. -


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Anonymous said...

Kasparov is right. Everyone should attend Kasparov Chess Foundation fundraising for buying votes instead. Putin is a crook. Kasparov is an honest businessman. He always pays off his supporters promptly upon verification.