Saturday, January 11, 2014

Play like Fischer

Black is Fischer. White is Unzicker. It is Black to move. How should Fischer continue?


Qwestor said...

1...Rc3 2.Ra2 Rf3 3.Ke2 Rf2 4.Kd1(d3) Qa2

Anonymous said...


kibitzer said...


s.k.srivastava said...

1 rxf3 wins

phoenix seawarrior said...


phoenix seawarrior said...


phoenix seawarrior said...

R x c3

alexandr bernabe said...

Txc3!! y todo se acaba por las multiples amenazas!

Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. Rxc3 looks tempting. 1. ... bxc3 is impossible because of 2. Qf2# White's position looks very exposed.

Lucymarie said...

Sicilian Najdorf players always sac their rook on c3-square, right?

1. ... Rxc3 threatens 2. .. Rf3+ 3. Ke2 Qe3+ 4. Kd1 Rxa1+ 5. Nxa1 Qc1+ 6. Ke2 Re3+

If 2. bxc3? Qf2#

2. Nd4, to stop Black from playing Rf3+, simply loses a piece to 2. .. Rxa1 3. bxc3 Rxe1+ 4. Kxe1 exd4

If 2. Rxa2 Rf3+ 3. Ke2 Rf2+ and White has a choice between 4. Kd3 and 4. Kd1

4. Kd1 Qxa2 (threatening Qb1+) 5. Qd3 Rxb2 and White is busted.

4. Kd3 Qc7 (threatening Qc2#) 5. Ra8+ Kh7 6. Nc5 (6. Nd4 Rd2#) 6. .. Rd2+ 7. Kc3 Rxd5 8. exd5 Qxc5+ 9. Kb3 Qc4+ 10. Ka3 Bd2 11. b3 Bb4+ 12. Kb2 Qc3+ 13. Ka2 Qc2+ 14. Ka1 Bc3#

In this last sequence 6. Rc1 is unavailing, since after 6. .. Bxc1 7. Nxc1 Qxc1, Black threatens 8. .. Qd2#, and there is no way mate can be avoided.

Manish Shrikhande said...

1. ... Rxc3 seems to do the trick and the white's position falls apart.

aam@fics said...

1... Rxc3

2. Rxa2 Rf6+
3. Kg2 Qf2+
4. Kh1 Qxe1+

or 3. Ke2 Rf2+
and 4.... Qxa2 -/++

after 1... Rxc3, there is no good way to prevent 2... Rf3+. if
2. Nd2 Rxa1

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mesilah said...

1... Rxf3
White cannot play 2. g2xR
because then 2...Qc2++
If 2. RxR Rc3+
3. Kd2 (Kb2 also leads to mate very quickly after Qc2+)
4. Ke1 (if Kf3 Qd3++)
4... QxR
and there is no defence aganst mate on the first rank unless White loses his Queen (5. Qe2) and even then the mate is only delayed a few moves.