Sunday, February 09, 2014

Checkmate in 5

White to move and checkmate in 5.

2b2R2/1p6/r5k1/3p2Np/2r3pP/2P3P1/p1PK4/5R2 w - - 0 1
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From the patzer said...

Is this not checkmate in three aftet 1. R1f7?

Cortex said...

White isn't threatened by a storm of nasty checks, so you can seriously consider making a not-so-quiet move.

Nice stock mate also.

Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. Rg8+ Kh6 2. Rf7 Rd4+ 3. cxd4 Bf5 4. Rh7+ Bxh7 5. Nf7#

Anant said...


Samboy Lims said...

Thank you VERY MUCH for including the position in FEN format!! Look forward to it in all future puzzles.

Anant said...

I think this is more realistic than my previous `solution'.

Anonymous said...

1. R1-f7!! Bf5 forced to protect h7
2. Rg8+....Kh6
3. Rh7++...Bxh7
4. Nf7#!!
Black can only prolong by playing 1.....Rd4+
2. cxd.....Bf5
3. Rg8+....Kh6
4. Rh7+!!..Bxh7
5. Nf7#!!!

Other first moves for black without check allow white to mate in 3 with 2. Rg8+ and 3. Rh7#


pht said...

1. R1f7! Rc7

What else against the plan Rg8 and Rh7#.

2. Rg8+!

Of course it gains tempo to play this before Rxc7.

2. ... Kh7
3. Rxc7 Bd7 (I struggled the most to find Bd7!)
4. Rxd7 a1=Q or any
5. Rh7#

Phil Innes said...

1. Rf1-f7 Rc7
2. Rg8+ Kh6
3. Rh7+ Rxh7
4. Nf7++

This must be wrong since its mate in 4

Yancey Ward said...

It is called a mate in 5 for a reason. 1.R1f7 is a mate in six since black and make a sacrificial delay on the first move with Rf6 and Rd4.

1.Rg8 is the correct solution's first move.