Monday, March 31, 2014

Brilliant chess tactic

White to move and win! It is a good one.

Lamoss, 1968, presented by Andreas

8/4kpPr/2P4n/4PR2/8/6K1/7P/8 w - - 0 1


Jaya Sengsara said...


Anonymous said...

Never encounter this chess puzzle before... My good guess would start by 1.g8Q (deflection) Nxg8 2.c7 Kd7 3.Rxf7 Rxf7 4.e6+

Anonymous said...

1.g8= Ng8 2.c7 Kd7 3.Rf7!! Rf7 4.e6!! Ke6 5. c8=Q

Anonymous said...

g8=q ng8
c7 Rg7
kh3 Rh7
kg2 Rg7
kh1 Kd7
Rf7 Rf7
e6 ke6
c8=q kf6
qg8 rg7
Qg7 Kg7 draw ??????

cute, but where is the win

pht said...

I can't play c7? This gives black both Nxf5+ or even better Rxg7+. Also the slightly more natural looking idea Rxf7+? seems to fail. g8=Q? Nxg8 should also be out of question since f7 pawn is so well protected then.

But, what is wrong with the most natural of all ideas here:

1. Rg5!

Threatening to gain back knight with g8=Q and then be up with 2 pawns.

Also the black activity seems to be very reduced in this situation.
Isn't here almost zugzwang?

I am not able to find a good black replay. What have I missed now?

pht said...

Oops, I didn't see:

1. Rg5(?) Rxg7!
2. Rxg5 Nf5+
3. Kf4 Nxg7

So I'm rather out of ideas....

Siddhesh Dalvi said...

1 Ng8+ N*N 2 c7 then black will give check... u must keep ur king on g2 to hide behind pawn & king on f file will be blunder.. then rook sacrifice then pawn check to king & rook ...then new queen for white .... NICE 1!! 2 .... Rg7+ 3 Kh3 Rh7+
4 Kg2 Kd7 5 R*P R*R 6 e6+ K*P 7 c8=Q

Peter said...

I found the answer Susan, promote to a knight, push the c pawn and when the black king goes to stop the c pawn, Rxp rxR and fork the black rook with the e pawn thus allowing white to queen, the problem is then the position is a theoretical draw!

Anonymous said...

Spotted the move g8N+ within 10 seconds. I only see winning lines with this move.

Anonymous said...

1. Rxf7+
This either deflects the knight or king from the queening squares of White's pawns.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Rxf7. If Nxf7 then g8 queens and if Kxf7 then c7 and the pawn can't be stopped.

eman said...


eman said...


pht said...

How foolish of me to not spot the pawn fork in move 4 (or move 5), e.g.

1. g8=Q Nxg8
2. c7 Rg7+
3. Kf3! (no more checks) Kd7
4. Rxf7+!! Kc8 (Rxf7 e6+ queens a pawn)
5. Rxh7 wins easily.

jcheyne said...

I haven't found a win here. I notice no one else has either.

1. g8(N)+ Nxg8
2. c7 Kd7 (or 2. … Rg7+ 3. Kh3 Rh7+ 4. Kg2 Rg7+ 5. Kh1)
3. Rxf7+ Rxf7
4. e6+ Kxe6 (not 4. … Kxc7 5. exf7 and wins)
5. c8(Q)
Table base draw.

Yancey Ward said...

1. g8N is the move the problem is looking for, but the resulting position is drawn with best play.

See the comments posted on January 4th when this puzzle was first posted:

Prof.S.G.bhat said...

I saw that with Q and RP vs. R and N it is a draw but I hesitated because the problem is for white to win.Idrew comfort after seeing Yancey's comment.but the problem on March 29 Special brain challenge nobody either endorsed my view nor showed it false.I do not know whether there is hole in my analysis.