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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Candidates Tournament LIVE!


Anonymous said...

Aronian has to be the weakest 2800+ player there has been. If he is losing so many classical games to 2700+ GMs, how would he have survived a more ruthless opposition like Carlsen in a match?
Anand is the true world No. 2 and has earned a rematch, for truly he alone can test Carlsen.

If any other person had qualified instead, Carlsen would have placed that person in between two slices of bread, added some Norwegian cheese, and had him for dinner.

Prabahar Raj Pichaipalam said...

What will be the result?

Prof.S.G.Bhat said...

Well done Anand. However why did you lose a piece?

Anonymous said...

He didn't lose a piece idiot boy.