Saturday, March 08, 2014

Checkmate tactic! Can you spot the mate?

White to move and checkmate in 7. Can you find it?

This was a game of Aronian's second in Bilbao.

1qrk2r1/R5p1/1pPppb1p/1Q6/4PBn1/8/1PP3PP/R6K w - - 0 0


Maurits said...

1. Rd7+ Ke8
2. Qh5+ g6 (2. ... Kf8 3. Qf7#)
3. Qxg4 Be7 (3. ... Rg7 see below)
4. Qxe6 Rg7
5. Rxe7+ Kf8 (5. ... Rxe7 6. Qg8#)
6. Qf6+ and 7. Qf8# or 7. Qxg7#

3. ... Rg7
4. Qxe6+ Kf8 (4. ... Be7 transposes; 4. ... Re7 5. Qg8#)
5. Qxf6+ Ke8
6. Qxg7 and 7. Qe7#

Yancey Ward said...

I don't have time to do this thoroughly, but I imagine it starts with 1.Rd7 followed by 2.Qh5 and 3.Qxg4. It leaves white with an attack on the e6 square, and I don't see a ready defense for black.

Anonymous said...

No clue.

davey said...

Here's a clue: the queen can move right across the board.

CraigB said...

I don't think it leads to mate, but 1. Rd7+ Ke8 2. c7 wins a colossal amount of material.

dan taylor said...

Bishop to D4 Game over.