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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dominguez - Robson 10-game match at Webster U

Webster University President Dr. Beth Stroble opened the second day of the match today.

Rapid game 1: Dominguez 0-1 Robson
Rapid game 2: Robson 0-1 Dominguez

Score after day 1: 1-1

Rapid game 3: Dominguez 1/2 Robson
Rapid game 4: Robson 1/2 Dominguez

Final Rapid Score: 2-2

Blitz game 1: Dominguez 1-0 Robson
Blitz game 2: Robson 1/2 Dominguez
Blitz game 3: Dominguez 1/2 Robson
Blitz game 4: Robson 1-0 Dominguez
Blitz game 5: Dominguez 1-0 Robson
Blitz game 6: Robson 0-1 Dominguez

Final Blitz Score: Dominguez 4-2 Robson


Anonymous said...

Neither of these dudes can handle Nakamura.

Anonymous said...

Is naka your boyfriend? ... All your comments are about the same, change the tune dude

Augusto Arias said...

Yeah, also ask Nakamura, how was his last game against Leinier in Tatasteel 2014 haha