Saturday, March 08, 2014

Dominguez - Robson 10 game match

Webster University sophomore GM Ray Robson, the #1 ranked junior in the United States, will take on former World Blitz Champion GM Leinier Dominguez, the 12th ranked player in the world, this Saturday and Sunday in St. Louis.

The format will be a 10-game match (4 rapid games 25' 10" and 6 blitz games 3' 2"). The match will take place at Webster University Emerson Library.

The arbiter for the match is Mr. Frank Niro, President of Chess Journalists of America.

On Monday, GM Dominguez will review the games of the match, and help train members of Webster University SPICE Chess Team.


Anonymous said...

Nakamura would crush both of them simultaneously.

Augusto Arias said...

Yeah right! ask Nakamura about last time he faced Leinier... Got a draw and he's still asking himself how!

Orlando said...

Not only last time, Naka has had a lot of troubles vs Leinier