Monday, April 28, 2014

Difficult brain challenge

White to move and win. Can you find it?

This puzzle is quite complex. Can you solve it without computer assistance?

2r2b2/1b1N1pkp/1pNp2p1/3P4/4PQ1P/p1R3P1/1q3PK1/n7 w - - 0 1


Anonymous said...

1.Qf6+ Kg8 2.Nd8!
Or 1...Kh6 2.Nd4!

pht said...

1. Qf6+ Kg8 (alternative below)
2. Nd8!!

The threat is Rxc3/Qxc3? Qxf7+ Kh8 Qxf8#.

2. ... Rxd8 (what else?)
3. Qxd8 h5 (only against Qxf8#)
4. Qxf8+ Kh6
5. Nf6#

1. Qf6+ Kh6
2. g4!!

The threat is g5+ Kh5 Qf3+ Kxh4 Qf4+ Kh5 Rh3#. There should only be delaying sacks. Be7/Bg7 prevents nothing.

2. ... Qxc3 (what else?)
3. Qxc3 a2 (otherwise the threat was the same)
4. g5+ Kh5
5. Qf3+ Kxh4
6. Qg3+! Kh5
7. Kh3! Ra3 (what else?)
8. Qxa3 Nb3/Nc2
9. Qxa2

1 - 0

There could be other variations, but generally the two ideas Nd8 or g4 after Qf6+ look "waterproof" to me...

pht said...

In my first post it seems I had a black rook on a8. It isn't there.

1. Qf6+ Kh6 (Kg8? Nd8! goes down clearly faster)
2. g4! Qe2! (preventing Qf3 and now black has a threat with the bishop as well as Q(x)g4 threat)
3. g5+ Kh5
4. Qh8!

Here I don't think black finds a way out of it. Qg4+ Rg3 should not help at all. E.g:

4. ... h6
5. Nxf8! Rxf8
6. Qxf8! Kxh4 (otherwise Rg3)
7. Qxh6+ Kg4
8. Rg3#


PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

1.Qf6+ Kg8
2.Nd8 Rxd8
3.Qxd8 h6
4.Qxf8+ Kh7
almost everything is forced.

Anonymous said...

This is really really difficult. Nakamura might be having a problem solving this puzzling puzzling puzzle.

Anonymous said...


A-1....Kh6?.2.g4.Qxc3.3.Qxc3.and white wins as he has a Q vs R+B plus a mating attack; moreover the black knight is quite lost which will leave white with Q vs R.

• If B1-2...Kxf8.3.Qh8#
• If B2-2...Rxf8.3.Ne7#
• If B3-2...Qxc3.3.Qxc3. and white wins as in A1; white has Q vs R+B with a loss of knight on the way.
• If B4-2...Nb3/c2.3.Ne6!!.
o If B41-3..fxe6.4.Ne7#
o If B42-3..Qxc3.4.Ne7#
o If B43-3..any other move.4.Qg7#
• If B5-2...Re8..3.Ne6!!
o If B51-3..fxe6.4.dxe6.
 If B511-4...Rf8?.4.Ne7#
 If B512-4...Qxc3.5.white can win by Qc3 as in A1 or even by 5.Qf7+.Kh8.6.Qxe8+.Kg7.7.Qf7+.Kh6.8.e7 and making a new queen while black king is still in a mating net! amusing alternative here is 5.e7!.Qg7.(Rxe7 allows 6.Qf8#!) 6.Qxe8+.Qg8.7.Qxg8.Kxg8.8.e8=Q+
 If B513-4...Rxe6.5.Qxe6+ and black wins easily with Rf3 etc.
o If B52-3..Rxe6.4.dxe6.
 If B521-4...Qxc3. 5.Ne7+.Kf8. 6.Qxf7#
 If B522-4...Bxc6.5.Qxf7+.Kh8. 6.Qf8#
o If B53-3...Qxc3.4.Qxc3 and white wins easily as in A1 etc
o If B54-3...any other move..4.Qg7#
• If B6-2...Bxc6.3.Ne6!!
o If B61-3...fxe6.4.Qxe6+.Kg7. 5.Rf3!.
 If B5611-5...Rf8.6.Qe7+.Kh3.7.Qxf8+.Kh5 and white will mate black king (if 7...Qg7.8.Qf4+.g5.9.Qxd6+.Kh5.10.g4+!. and white mates)
 If B5612-5...Rxc6.6.Qf7+.Kh3. 7.Qf8+.Kh5 and white will mate black king
o If B62-3...Qxc3.5.Qxc3.fxe6. 6.dxc6 and white wins easily as in A1 above (now even simpler)


Anonymous said...

what's the rating of this puzzle?

Anonymous said...

what's the rating of this puzzle? does any one know?

Anonymous said...

Qf6+, Kg8 2)Nd8 Bg7 3)Qf7+ Kh8 4)QE8+ & WINS

1)Qf6+ kh6 2)Nce5 threatening Nf7+ or Ng4+ , de5 3)Ne5 qe2 4)Nf7+ kh5 5)Qg5#