Tuesday, April 01, 2014

His top rivals self-destructed around him

SANDS: Steady Anand earns rematch with Carlsen for world chess title
By David R. Sands
The Washington Times
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you just might get another shot at being the world champion.

Playing smooth, controlled chess as his top rivals self-destructed around him, Indian GM Viswanathan Anand has won the right to a rematch with Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen later this year. Considered an afterthought by many when the tournament started, Anand dominated the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia that ended Sunday with an undefeated score of 8½-5½, a full point ahead of surprise runner-up Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

The popular Indian grandmaster lost to Carlsen in a one-sided match in November, relinquishing the undisputed crown that he had worn since 2006. But in Khanty-Mansiysk against a world-class field, Anand cleaned up the small tactical oversights and concentration lapses that marred his play against Carlsen and proved a deserving winner.

As Anand was cruising, many of the pre-tournament favorites faltered badly. Armenian GM Levon Aronian, the second highest rated player in the world behind Carlsen, was a big disappointment, losing four games in all (including a last-round defeat at the hands of Karjakin) to finish in a tie for sixth. Former Russian world champion Vladimir Kramnik, another popular pick to win, could manage only an even 7-7 result, with three losses on his score sheet.

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Anonymous said...

This is why FIDE refused to invite Nakamura. They know he wouldn't self destruct. We need to elect Kasparov. He'll handpick the players for the candidates tournament. No more Andreikin, Kramnik, Svidler. The world want to see Nakamura, Caruana, Giri.

Anonymous said...

In this game, dont expect to be handed roses, you have to earn it and sweat for it else you dont deserve to be a challenger. You have to show that your worth by winning tournaments. DONT BE A PENNY PINCHER. THATS FOR YOU GM (EX) NAKAMURA. BE A MAN.

Anonymous said...

Candidates tournament is not by invitational. the players need to earn their place. Naka was nit good enough to earn that. as far as self destruction is considered, You dont have to look far beyond the match in Zurich Classic against Carlsen.

Anonymous said...

World wants to see a worthy champion who earns their right to challenge the existing champion. Naka's record against Carlsen in classical chess is nothing to brag about.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're sarcastic or not, but amen to that nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

Kasparov will handpick the world champion himself! So where's the need for candidates ?

Arun said...
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Arun said...

Nakamura is upcoming player and chess community respects him. Whenever there is a talk about Candidates or WCC some anonymous will come and reply Naka should be invited. I feel even Naka hates to see this kind of senseless comments. Expecting Kasparov to pick the players for candidates without knowing Chess world cup, Grand prix and rating method shows stupidity. If the anonymous believes only Kasparov can help their hero Naka then Naka is not a good player. So funny

Perry Singer said...

Anand would be facing Carlsen once again very soon. Wish him all the luck!