Saturday, April 05, 2014

R & P endgame improvement

White to move. Is this a win, draw, or loss for White?

3rk3/2p4R/p2pP3/1p2P3/1P6/6K1/8/8 w - - 0 2

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Bob said...

Easy win for White.

1. e7, Rd7

1. ... Rc8; 2. Rh8+, Kd7; 3. Rxc8, Kxc8; 4. e8=Q

2. e6, Rxe7
3. Rh8 mate

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly this only took me just over a minute to solve.

1.e7 completely disrupts the black defence
if 1...Rd7
2.e6 showing that double pawns are not always a bad thing and trapping the rook because if
2...Rxe7 3.Rh8#

if 1...Rc8
2.Rh8+ Kd7
3.Rxc8 and black can not recapture because the e pawn will queen.

Rajiv Pathak said...

I think white is winning.

1.e7 Rd7 (RC8 2.RH8+ KD7 3.e6 +-)(Rb8/Ra8 losses to RH8) 2.e6 Re7 3. Rh8 ++

Yancey Ward said...

I didn't remember this one, but it is in my files from August 2010. A tough puzzle given the many plausible looking options white has.

PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

1.e7 Rd7
1..... Rb8 2.exd6 cxd6 3.Rh8+ wins R.
2.e6 Rxd7

Robert V. said...

White wins
RH8 mate

Yancey Ward said...

Black defends against 1.e7 best with Rb8, at which time white can win with either 2.Rh8 or, in my opinion, more accurately with 2.exd6 first followed by 3.Rh8.

PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

With Yancey's remarks I am tempted to go for further analysis than that I indicated before.
1.e7 Rb8
2.exd6 cxd6

(2.... Kd7 3.d8=Q+ Kxd8 4.dxc7 Rc8 black can not wriggle out)
(2.... Rb6 3.dxc7 Rc6 4.Rh8+ Kxe7 5.c8=Q wins)
(2.... Rc8 3.Rh8+ wins)
3.Rh8+ Kxe7
4.Rxb8 Having won the R there should be no serious hurdles for white.he has to just keep black K away from the lone white P.
4.... Ke6
5.kf4 kd5
6.Rc8 Kd4
7.Rc6 Kd5
8.Rxa6 Kc4
9.Rxd6 Kxb4