Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sisaundra Lewis: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

It really puzzles me that how someone like Sisaundra (former backup singer for Celine Dion) or Judith Hill (former backup singer for Michael Jackson) could not get record deals for themselves for so many years. With voices like theirs, they should be selling millions of CDs.


Yancey Ward said...

The problem is that there are lots of Sisaundras. More than shows like The Voice would lead you to believe.

You need one of two things to be successful as singer (and having both makes you immortal)-you either have to have a voice so superior (in quality and/or uniqueness) that the best songwriters line up to write songs for you. This would include the greats like Frank Sinatra or Whitney Houston. Or, alternatively, you need to be a great songwriter yourself with at least a vocal talent good enough to not scare children and small animals- this would be people like Paul Simon or Billy Joel.

One can't make much success doing covers of old music no matter good one sings- such success is pretty rare. You had best have new material.

Anonymous said...

Nakamura's favorite song. Her chess playing days are almost over.