Thursday, May 29, 2014

Carlsen aims for rare Chess Triple Crown

Carlsen sets sights on triple chess crown
Published: 28 May 2014 00:08 GMT+02:00
Updated: 28 May 2014 00:08 GMT+02:00

Norwegian chess phenomenon Magnus Carlsen has announced a new goal: to simultaneously hold the world chess titles in classical chess, rapid chess, and blitz chess.

The 23-year-old prodigy is now preparing for world championships in Rapid and Blitz chess, which will be held simultaneously in Dubai in mid June.

In the 2012 championships, held in Kazakhstan, Carlsen won two silvers, after being beaten by Russia's Sergey Karjakin in Rapid Chess and by his countryman Alexander Brischuk in blitz.

Viswanathan Anand, who Carlsen beat in a string of World Championship games last November, will also compete in Dubai.


So far, I am the only one who won the chess triple crown (world rapid, blitz, and classical chess championships). In 1996, I held the World Championship titles in all three categories. 
Magnus won the World Blitz Championship a few years ago but has never won the World Rapid Championship. If Magnus succeeds, he will be the 2nd player in history, and the first man to ever achieve this very difficult feat. 


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Magnus. It won't be easy as he has to face Nakamura.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Carlsen. Please do inflict heavy beatings to Nakamura whenever you play against him lol On a side note, I hope Wesley So will be invited to play either in the 2014 Grand Slam Masters Final (Bilbao tourney) in September or the Pearl Spring Tournament in China, both are super strong tournaments. Hope the organizers of those two events will invite Wesley to play.

Anonymous said...

2 silver for Carlsen. That's not even close to Nakamura's 8 gold. Just shows how bad Carlsen's game is when it comes to Rapid and Blitz. Naka bested them all. Ha ha ha.

Narayan said...

Susan, hasn't Anand also done this. I checked various sources in the internet and it seems he won blitz championship in 2000 and rapid in 2003. At that time he was also FIDE WC.

Anonymous said...

Nakamuras 8 gold in rapid and blitz can be compared to Nakamura winning the Karting Championship. Whereas Carlsen accomplishment so far in standard chess to include becoming the Standard Chess World Champion at a young age (which is what matters most in the career of professional chesser is being the World Champion in Formula 1 racing. Nakamuras chesd talent is akin to Kary Racing while Carlsen to Formula 1 Racing lol

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha u noobs Carlsen can beat Nakamura in his sleep :-)))

Chess Daily News said...

No, Anand's 2000 title was not an official FIDE World Blitz Championship. His 2003 title was.

Anonymous said...

Aside from Norway Chess this June, there is still two more super tournaments coming the Grandslam Masters Final ( Bilbao) and Pearl Spring in China both are 6 players DDR. I know Carlsen would be there... im still clueless as to the others. O hope Wesley So would be the 6th player :)

Shane H said...


You'd have to say that Carlsen's style doesn't lend itself as well to rapid let alone blitz (not that he's bad at these forms).

Be interesting to see some commentary about how much the skills of classical transpose and what training would be required. I suppose playing a lot at faster time limits but would they revamp their openings or general approach to the game.

Narayan said...

Ma'am but according to wikipedia Anand was Blitz champion in 2000. Here's the link \
If it wasn't official FIDE should publish an official list of champions to clear the confusion, shouldn't be too difficult for them.

Anonymous said...

Even though it was a very strong tournament, it was never officially sanctioned by FIDE as the official World Blitz Championship. Wikipedia is not reliable and not the official source. is.

Anonymous said...

@Narayan Snowden is more accurate as a source of information rather than wikipedia where there are countless unverified info. Snowden has verified facts with matching transcripts and recordings lol

MayanKing said...

I think Fischer's run from 1970-1972 was incredible. He destroyed the world's best GM's in classical and blitz and I am sure in rapid too he was invincible in that era. No one from Karpov to Magnus has matched Fischer's domination, 20 games won in a row in classical, winning matches 6-0, easily winning blitz tournament, etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan

FIDE's official website itself says that Anand won the blitz chess championship in 2000. This is the link

It says "... in 2000 he became the double champion, having won the World Blitz Chess Championship in Warsaw"

Mark Crowther also confirmed that Anand did win the world blitz championship blitz in 2000.

I'm afraid that the information you received regarding this may not be correct.

Thank You.