Thursday, May 08, 2014

Carlsen talks about Gashimov Memorial experience and about his losses

Magnus Carlsen gives an in-depth discussion on his experience at Shamkir Chess 2014, Gashimov Memorial in Azerbaijan.

Talking about the back-to-back losses, Carlsen said that his head didn’t work well, partly because of the long games and partly because he was watching too much TV – football, NBA, reality shows.

The football game on the rest day “helped him to get some aggression out”.

Carlsen also repeats what Vladimir Kramnik said – it was important for him to win at something, be it chess, football, or cards.

He proceeded to discuss his games from the second half of the tournament.

Carlsen talked a bit about decision-making process in his game with Nakamura. He also briefly mentioned the games with Karjakin and Radjabov.

About the last round clash with Caruana, Carlsen said he didn’t want to play for a draw even if it would secure him first place on better tie-break. He added that he came up with 5.c3 during the game and thought that it was very creative.


Anonymous said...

He should watch more football.

Anonymous said...

Nakamura will beat him next time. And can take that to the bank.

Muck Fagnus said...

Maybe his iphone broke down so couldn't use his app?

Anonymous said...

Carlsen is afraid of Nakamura. He knows that Naka will dust him off this time.

Anonymous said...

Despite those two losses, Carlsen still prevailed. The memorial is over after round 7 and Carlsen assure himself the title. He is the only one playing to win as much as possible, the rest, just content to gain a draw. So no suprise he wins this memorial. For Naka, telling everybody that he has Carlsen on the rope in R7, better luck next time. Chess is being played by hand and brain and not by mouth.

Anonymous said...

Nakamura is TERRORIZE by the mere presence of Carlsen. In fact, Nakamura lost most of the time even with a winning position against Carlsen lol