Rich As A King

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Did you see that?


Anonymous said...

Nakamura can do this backward.

Anonymous said...

Many would say that this is an example of UNSPORTING BEHAVIOUR by the penalty taker. Unfortunately, it is up to the referee to deem it as such in football. Since your website is promoting fair play and etiquette in chess, I think you should be condemning the penalty taker. The goalkeeper was immaculate in this staying on his line and was obviously baffled why the referee was allowing the kicker to continue. The only fair way to take a penalty is to run up in one continuous kicking motion. Even a stutter step,far less simulating a fall, shows that the kicker has zilch sportsmanship . If I had been the referee I would have stopped the kicker when he fell over, given him a yellow card for unsporting behaviour and awarded the defending team a free kick.


aam@fics said...

That's funny :)

Fung Koo said...

Muck foo!