Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Mr. Leong to federations: Kasparov represents change


The 2014 FIDE Election Campaign of the 19-year incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is certainly the dirtiest we’ve ever seen. His mudslinging and cheap shots are the acts of a desperate man doing desperate things.

Why is Ilyumzhinov’s team playing so dirty? Garry Kasparov has them frightened by bringing fresh energy, more money, and new ideas to chess.

Kasparov represents needed change, removing a stale and corrupt regime consisting of Ilyumzhinov together with Georgios Makropoulos and others, or “Makro & friends.” The Ilyumzhinov team’s frantic personal attacks show they know how weak their support is this year and how many of their 2010 supporters have abandoned them in favor of Kasparov’s team.

I have long been disillusioned by Ilyumzhinov’s FIDE, yet because I love chess and never had the means to have a realistic chance to put together a winning ticket that would be devoted to serving chess, I agreed to join him many years ago. Now I have realised how naïve I was to believe that I could make a difference on the inside.

When I was approached by Kasparov to be a part of his team – professionals, sponsors, and real chess players, all who love our game passionately – I immediately jumped at the chance. This was clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us to finally bring chess to its rightful place in the eyes of the world.

Kasparov warned me that when I openly declared to be with him that I would be vilified in ways I could not imagine possible. He knows how to read an opponent and he was 100 percent right!

By lobbing false accusations in an attempt to smear me, Ilyumzhinov insults both the members of our team and, more importantly, those who support us in our quest for change. For transparency and to allow me to have access to funds to bring development to my region (which FIDE has failed to do for decades, despite Ilyumzhinov’s promises), I asked for and was given a contract for the same through the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

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Policy regarding political chess election

I was asked by a number of people about who I support in the upcoming FIDE / ECU elections, etc. My policy is simple and it has not changed in many years. I do not get involved in chess politics. These are the areas that I am most enthusiastic about:

1. Chess in Education
2. Women’s Chess
3. Chess in Schools
4. College Chess
5. Chess Development and Promotion, etc.

I do not play favoritism and I do not take sides, as I have friends on all sides. As in past elections, I will publish campaign information and articles from all parties (as long as it is appropriate) when I receive them. It is up to the voters to decide who is the best candidate to move FIDE to a higher level in the next 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Kasparov is the best candidate. I hope he wins.

IA Venkatachalam Kameswaran said...

4When a 6-time world Chess champion knocking at the door of the FIDE for the Presidentship post, the world chess body ought to have given him a red carpet welcome. Instead , some of the greedy officials including its 19 year incumbent bent upon to have their sticky posts for ever themselves instead of at least making way for the new aspirants. The FIDE treating Garry in Chennai, India Nov 2013 is still an indelible black spot( putting the blame on Vishy team too). This the right time to show the way out for the sticky officials and that the entire chess world should awake and arise in one voice for the right cause.We should built confidence in Gary than the 19-year top brass who still reluctant to bow out !

Anonymous said...

If you want me to post here, I want money.

Anonymous said...

these are huge statements, can he back them up with evidence?