Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Very clever chess tactic

Black to move. Is it possible for Black to hold this position?

3r2k1/4qpp1/7p/p3n3/1p2P3/1P5P/PB1R1PP1/3Q2K1 b - - 0 1


Luc Despontin said...


Dave said...

1 ... Nf3+
2 gxf3 Qg5+
3 Kany Q/Rxd2

Pranav Dandekar said...

How about:

If 2. gxf3 then 2...Qg5+ and white loses the rook on d2.

If white plays something else, then 2. Nxd2 and black wins the exchange.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for Black to hold ?
Sure it is - Nf3 check.

Josue Cardin said...

Cf3 * win

Anonymous said...

Yes, Black can certainly hold and win too as he has a neat trick to win the exchange at least!
A>2.gxf3.Qg5+.3.Kf1.Rxd2 exchange up
B>2.Qxf3.Rxd2 exchange up
C>2.Kf1.Nxd2+.3.Kg1.(not 3.Ke1/2.Qxe4#).Nxe4 rook up
D>2.Kh1.Nxd2. rook up


pht said...

The knight fork is obvious:

1. ... Nf3+
2. gxf3

The alternative (Qxf3 or K move) was to be down with a rook after Rxd2.

2. ... Qg5+
3. K move Rxd2

0 - 1

Very clever tactic?
This was actually 5 seconds tactic, as opposed to other puzzles that have been named that...

pht said...

Oh, sorry.
I was a bit quick calling this "5 seconds tactic".

The immediate outcome of Nf3+ is of course that black gains quality. This means some further analyze is needed.

1. ... Nf3+
2. Qxf3 (seems enforced!) Rxd2
3. Bc1 Rxa1

Here black is exactly up with quality and should have a winning edge.

The worse alternative for white was:

2. gxf3? Qf5+
3. Kh1 (no place better) Rxd3
4. Qa1 (must save both Q and B) Qf4!!

If this was check, white was dead now. As it is, white has no time for Bxg7 but must protect f2 with Q and give bishop, so white resigns.

Did I miss something important here now?

Oleg Mezjuev said...

1. ... Nf3+ 2. gxf3 (2. Qxf3 Rxd2) Qg5+ and black wins a quality (rook for a knight)

Anonymous said...

1. Nf3+
if gf then the queen checks and then captures whites rook, and if White plays Qxf3 black immediately wins the exchange

Phil Innes

s.k.srivastava said...

1 nf3+

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone has the right idea with 1... Nf3+. However there seems to be a preference for retaking the Rook on d2 with the Rook after
1... Nf3
2. gxf3 Qg5+
3. Kf1 .... If King goes to h-file then taking with the Rook makes sense because of the double attack on the Bishop and the f2 pawn
3. ... Qxd2 Seems like most opted for ...Rxd2 butI prefer taking with the Queen here. Why shouldn't Black exchange Queens if he can? I think Black can force the exchange of Qs and simplify the game into a very clearcut winning position with the exchange up and active Rook.
- Craigaroo