Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Attacking chess tactic

White to move. What is the best continuation for White?

3Q3R/4rqp1/6k1/4Pp1p/1p3P1P/1P2P3/p1n2K2/8 w - - 0 1


Yancey Ward said...

Took me about 10 seconds to spot the idea of Qd1 followed by Qh5#. I don't see a defense- there is no way to open a hole for the black to escape to, there are no checks black can use to harass white. Black gets mated on move 2 unless he takes at e5, but white just recaptures closing f6 off once again.

s.k.srivastava said...

1Qd1 rxp 2pxr 3mate is unavodable

Anonymous said...

1. Qd1l any move by black mate by Qh5

sivip said...

1.Qd1 - 2.Qxh5++

Anonymous said...

1. Qd1

Anonymous said...


PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

As soon as I saw the position,I was attracted to the move 1.e6. If black helps by 1... Rxe6 2.Qg5#.but what if black plays 1... Qxe6?
Next attempt 1.Qb6+ was silly.1.Rf8 yielded nothing.I suudenly spotted 1.Qd1.Over.

GL said...

1.Qd1 Rxe5 2.fxe5 and after any move by Black 3.Qxh5++.

Consul said...

There's no adequate escape after
1. Qd1 which threatens Qxh5#
1. .. Rxe5
2. fxe5

No checks, no chance to capture e5, nor create an escape for the black King.
If I haven't missed anything it would be quite boring, I wanted some more battle!

fajac said...

Seeing that Black has presently no checks, so that a non-checking first move might work for White, leads to the solution immediately:
1. Qd1!
Threatens 2.Qxh5#; since Black cannot move the king nor protect square h5, he must try to free a safe square for the king:
1. ... Rxe5 so the king can go to f6, but:
2. fxe5 renews the threat and
3. Qxh5# is unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Qd1 : Black can't stop mate on h5 (Qxh5)

Anonymous said...

>A-1....Rxe5.2.fxe!.any move.3.Qxh5#
>B-1....any other move.2.Qxh5#


PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

Dear pht,
I have placed some set of moves in May 22 blog.Please see.

pht said...

The black king is immobile, and so are the pawns around the king. Qh5# would be nice indeed, and there is no move against it:

1. Qd1! a1=Q or any
2. Qxh5# (or also Qg1# in some lines)

trixster said...

1. Qd1 threatening Qxh5#, Rxe5 forced
2. fxRe5 renewing mate threat, f4
3. QxNc2+ Qf5
4. QxQff5+ KxQf5
5. Ra8 with a winning endgame for W

Truedat said...

Nakamura would play Qd1

PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

I was having a second look at the problem.For a moment I felt black could have a defence in 1.Qd1 Rxe5 to make an escape square at f6 ;but no,2.fxe5 retightens the noose.

Anonymous said...

1.Rxh5,Kxh5 2.Qh8+ if Kg6 3.H5#

1.Rxh5,Kxh5 2.Qh8+ if Kg4 3.Cant find the solution