Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coach of Webster University Named Top Chess Trainer in the World

Polgar Named Top Chess Trainer in the World

Webster's Chess Coach was recognized by the World Chess Federation for her work with both male and female players.

ST. LOUIS (JUNE 23, 2014) - Susan Polgar was named the top chess trainer in the world by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, it was announced last week. Polgar, who is the chess coach at Webster University, was awarded the Furman Symeon medal, which is given annually to the best coach who works with both male and female players.

Polgar is the first coach from America to ever earn one of the top six coach medals and also the first female to ever be recognized by FIDE with a top coaching medal. FIDE, which was founded in 1924 in Paris, is an international organization that acts as the governing body of international chess competition.

“I am flattered to be recognized by the chess community and would like to thank all of the people who have supported me over the years, including all of the players who I have worked with, my family, my co-workers, the administration at Webster University, and especially my husband Paul,” Polgar said after learning of the award. “For me, chess is more than just a game. It is a passion of mine, a philosophy that teaches the importance of strategy, critical thinking and sportsmanship that can be applied to all areas of life and is not just limited to the game board.”

Polgar was recognized for her ability to bring out the best of her players. For example, when Wesley So of the Philippines joined the Webster University team two years ago, he was ranked as the 95th best player in the world. He is now ranked in 15th place and recently won the National Open Blitz Championship in Las Vegas. More recently, Polgar gave one-on-one training with the top 10 young female chess players in Europe, and will do the same next week when she will coach the top 10 young female chess players from Asia. In July, she will host her annual Susan Polgar Girls' Invitational Championship on Webster University’s home campus.

The announcement of the medal was made Friday, June 20. She was recognized along with Vladimir Chuchelov of Belgium, who was named the best men’s trainer in the world; Wienling Li of China, who was named the best juniors trainer; Genna Sosonko of the Netherlands, who was named the best chess author; Boris Postovsky of Russia, who was recognized for special achievements in chess; and Uwe Boensch of Germany, who was recognized as the best chess educator. Four other people also were inducted into the Chess Hall of Fame during the announcement.

All of the honorees will be presented with their awards during the Tromso ChessOlympiads in Norway on Aug. 13. A full list of the achievements can be found online at

Polgar has been Webster’s chess coach for the past two years. Under her direction, Webster’s chess team has won the 2013 and 2014 Presidents Cup, which is awarded to the best collegiate chess team in the country. Previously, she was the coach at Texas Tech, where she also won the Presidents Cup twice previously and was the first woman coach to ever lead a men’s chess team to a national championship.

Besides coaching, Polgar holds some of the highest chess honors as a player. She won four Women’s World Championships, is the first world champion to earn a “triple crown” in chess, has earned 10 Olympic medals in chess, and was the 2006 Women’s Chess Cup Champion. She also has set five world records in the field chess, two of which remain unbroken (most consecutive games played and most consecutive Olympiad scores). She also is the first woman to break the chess gender barrier, to earn the Grandmaster title, and qualify for the Men’s World Championship cycle. 


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Susan, you DESERVED it. Now that is GM Wesley So coach, 2014 FIDE Top Chess Trainer in world. Responsible for making Wesley So ranked # 15 in the world... and perhaps ranked # 12 or 11 after the Edmonton International. GM Wesley So going to Susan Polgar as coach is the BEST & RIGHT DECISION he did and its a fact. So that the NCFP officials will know, this is a SLAP on their faces lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Susan! You have been very gracious with interacting with us on Twitter and we can't help but be absolutely thrilled that you have been bestowed with this honor. Hope this is just the beginning of many coaching honors for you.

Eugen said...

Congratulations Susan on a well deserved honour! You are an inspiration for us all.

Anonymous said...

SUSAN POLGAR - 1991 FIDE Womens World Rapid Champion, 1991 FIDE Womens World Blitz Champion, 1996 FIDE World Women Standard Chess Champion... THEN... 2014 FIDE TOP CHESS TRAINER IN THE WORLD (regardless of Category, whether Men or Women)... AND the LIST of Chess Achievements still continues... IT NEVER STOPS... ITS the TRUTH.... ITS an UNDISPUTED FACTS... and FIDE says so... I wonder who among them (you know who you are) can match it? ANYONE :) CONGRATS Susan you EARNED IT. Keep going & Good Luck/ God Bless. Take great care of Wesley So, his in great hands with you.

Anonymous said...

FIRST QUADRUPLET CROWN: Fide World Standard Champion, Fide World Rapid Champion, Fide World Blitz Champion and Fide Top Chess Trainer of the World. BEST CHEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, BEST TRAINER/COACH IN THE WORLD... and FIDE DOESN'T LIE :d

Anonymous said...

Susan Polgar - Beauty and Brains :) If looks could kill, she would have already killed lot of guys by simply looking LOL

Silver Knights Junior Chess Club said...

Congratulation, you totally deserve this award.

Andrei Botez

Anonymous said...

The only award that Susan Polgar did not received from FIDE is the "most beautiful chess player of the world". Perhaps should make this award and Susan Polgar is the perfect recipient of it. Just wishful thinking though :) Congrats Susan YOU DESERVED IT