Monday, June 30, 2014

Difficult chess tactic

White to move. How should White proceed? This is a repeat since so many seem to struggle with this.

Vitolinsh, Alvis - Gaidarov (Riga, 1979), presented by Andreas

r5k1/6bp/p7/3P1N2/8/2Pn4/1r2R1PP/5RK1 w - - 0 33


Boris said...

Main line for a draw:
1. Re3 Nc5
2. Rg3 Rb7 (or Ra7)
3. Nh6+ Kh8
4. Nf7+ Kg8
5. Nh6+ etc.
Other variants grant a better chances to the white.

Anonymous said...

Nc8! win for white
Rc1! win for white. the rest are easy....

Yancey Ward said...

A few have suggested in the last 10 days, 1.Re7, but that is an error in my opinion, though I can't quite force the win for black:

1. Re7? Bf8!

Here, black could probably play Bxc3, but all the lines look drawish to me, even if white pushes d6. One has to remember that black can always give up a piece for the d-pawn if forced to. With Bf8, though, black has winning opportunities:

2. Rc7

What else here for white? Maybe retreat the rook back to e3, but now black has retained his piece, and the forced draw is off the table. The way I see it, in for a penny, in for a pound now:

2. .....Bc5!

And all of a sudden, white is in trouble:

3. Kh1 Nf2
4. Kg1 Ne4 (or draw with Nd3)
5. Kh1 Kh8

And now can white hold this? I can't be sure, it is very complex, but I like black odds of winning this.

CraigB said...

It looks like 1. Re3 leads to a repetition. 1....Nc5 (Not 1...Rd2 2. Rg3 Ra7 3. Nh6+ Kh8 4. Rf8+ B:f8 5. Rg8# - this idea also works after 1...Nc5 2. Rg3 Ra7??) 2. Rg3 Rb7 (the right way to defend the 7th rank) and both sides must accept Nh6+ Nf7+ Nh6+ etc.

Anonymous said...


2.....Rb7! is correct for a draw with perpetual check. Black in my opinion cannot give up the exchange at f7.

2.....Ra7 is wrong! It leads to a White win!


Anonymous said...


1.Re7 is not good.
Black's 1.....Bxc3 is wrong, as it loses a tempi allowing white to advance his pawn as you have shown. Moreover, 2.Re3 is also possible forcing black to deactivate his rook to Rd2 (prevents rook coming to the defense of 7th rank.
1.....Bf8!. Now 2.d6 does not work, 2....Bxe7. 3.Nxe7+.Kg7.4.d7.Rd8! And white loses. Or
3.dxe7.Kf7!.And white loses.

1.Re3! Is the best chance though it is probably a draw with best play with a slight edge for white!.Nc5! Now
A-2.Rg3!.Rb7!.3.Nh6+.Kh8.4.Nf7+ with a perpetual.( not 4....Rxf7.5.Rxf7 and white should win!)
B-2.Nxg7!.Kxg7.3.Re7+.Kg6/8.4.R1f7! Followed by h3/4 then d6/7 at opportune time. White has an edge and should win but it is not easy with black's extra piece.


Did you see my last note in previous post about actual g?


Anonymous said...

Re3 rd2 rg3 ra7 nh6 kg8 rf8 bxf8 rg8 #