Friday, June 06, 2014

Nakamura vs Navara

ČEZ Chess Trophy 2014

The traditional ČEZ Chess Trophy 2014 Festival will be held from 6th to 10th June, 2014 at the marvelous Michna Palace in Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.

Special guest of the Festival is Hikaru Nakamura (2775). He will give a simultaneous exhibition to 30 rivals on 6th June at 15:00 CET.

The main event of the festival is a 4-game match betweenNakamura and the best Czech player David Navara (2724). The games will be commented for the spectators by GMsJan Markos and Robert Cvek.

Lectures by GMs Vlastimil Hort, Jan Markos and Robert Cvek and a quiz of the most famous chess games by Hort are scheduled daily at 15:00 CET.

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Anonymous said...

Nakamura the runner, he ditch a Norway Chess invite in favor of a 4 game match with the weakass Navarra, as if Navarra is stronger than any of those now playing in Norway Chess. Because Carlsen is there whom he NEVER DEFEATED, a strong field capable of wiping his ass out and the phobia of losing further elo points and slip down the Fide ranking... OPTED to play Navarra... what a shame to the Chess world... Navarra ONLY RUNS HIS MOUTH but DOES NOT have the BALLS to back it up. Nakamura's dream of becoming a Standard World Chess Champion is ONLY A PIPE DREAM. Go Nakamura seek shelter from rapid and blitz and a chance to beat Navarra (whom i bet you will be a hard time beating 4-0 in favor of Navarra lol)

Anonymous said...

Go Navarra, KICK the heck out of Nakamura the weak ass all talk sushi. He thinks your a pussy thats why he pick you instead of Norway Chess. Show Nakamura you can beat him 4-0 and send this loud mouth Nakamura into retirement or confine him to rapid and blitz chess, standard chess has no room for COWARD, WEAKASS and RUNNER Women Grand Master Nakamura lol

Anonymous said...

ERRATUM: It should be "Nakamura ONLY RUNS HIS MOUTH but DOES NOT have the BALLS to back it up." and NOT Navarra :d

Anonymous said...

Omg get a life.. noob