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Nosenko perfect at Alekhine Memorial after 4

GM Nosenko leads Alekhine Memorial in Voronezh with perfect score

Jun 16, 2014

GM Alexander Nosenko (Ukraine) leads Alekhine Memorial (Master Open) Voronezh with perfect score 4/4 points. Second place is shared in a 4-way tie by GM Vladislav Artemiev (Russia), GM Pavel Ponkratov (Russia), GM Dmitry Kokarev (Russia) and GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (Mexico) on 3,5 points.

You can see a picturesque report below by Elena Ponomareva, Andrey Zhileykin and Dmitry Borisenkov, as well as Master Open standings after 4 rounds.

The preparations for the Voronezh International chess Festival 2014 took a long time, but as soon as the festival started the events develop very quickly. Two one-day tournaments are already behind, two major tournaments have started, as well as a competition between chess players with disabilities. Certainly, it is early to speak about results but nevertheless some of them have already appeared. So…

Voronezh Chess Festival always begins June 10, its characteristic feature is in constant dates. The festival program changed several times, though last 3 years the formula is fixed and now the Festival starts with the Chess960 tournament. By the way, this kind of the chess has been becoming more and more popular in other Russian regions since it appeared here, in Voronezh.

There were 48 participants in Chess960 tournament, including 8 GM, 6 foreign players from 5 countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland). IM Mikhail Demidov (RUS, Moscow) won the tournament with a result 6 points of 7. GM Dmitry Bocharov (RUS, Novosibirsk) became the second on tie-break. 7 players had 5 points, IM Ivan Rozum (RUS, Vologda) took the third place on tie-break.

Rapid chess tournament (June 11) gathered 108 participants, including 18 GM, 11 foreign players from 7 countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, Germany, Kazakhstan, Switzerland). IM Ivan Rozum won the tournament with 8 points in 9 games. 5 players had 7 points, GM Dmitry Bocharov was the second on tie-break, GM Andrey Deviatkin (RUS, Moscow) took the third place.

Festival opening ceremony took place June 11 in the evening. FIDE World Champion GM Alexander Khalifman and USSR Girls champion WGM Natalia Alekhina took part in the ceremony. Well-known Voronezh singer (he is also a FM) Sergey Grebennikov gave a little concert. After the opening ceremony rapid tournament prizers where awarded.

June 12 (it is the Russian national holiday – the Day of Russia) FIDE Open and then Master Open have started. There are 120 participants in the Master open, including players from such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Switzerland. Some participants e.g. GM Dmitry Bocharov have already been in Voronezh for several times, some players e.g. IM Munguntuul Bathuyag (Mongolia) are here for the first time.

There are many well-known GMs here and also there are many talented young players who are already GMs and IMs or are expected to achieve these titles in a few years. Of course, all the chess battles are ahead and it’s impossible to predict the results. So, let’s enjoy these battles. You can see online 10 games of each round on festival site, onChessdom with computer analysis or on Android device using Follow Chess application.

Follow the event live with triple engine analysis

Master Open standings after 4 rounds:

1 GM NOSENKO Alexander 2492 UKR 4
2 GM ARTEMIEV Vladislav 2647 RUS 3,5
3 GM PONKRATOV Pavel 2595 RUS 3,5
4 GM KOKAREV Dmitry 2628 RUS 3,5
5 GM LEON HOYOS Manuel 2515 MEX 3,5
6 IM PONOMAREV Dmitry 2396 RUS 3
7 GM MOZHAROV Mikhail 2552 RUS 3
8 GM TUKHAEV Adam 2547 UKR 3
9 GM TIMOFEEV Artyom 2603 RUS 3
10 GM POPOV Ivan 2650 RUS 3
11 GM RAKHMANOV Aleksandr 2614 RUS 3
12 PREDKE Alexandr 2491 RUS 3
13 IM MUNGUNTUUL Batkhuyag 2411 MGL 3
14 GM ZONTAKH Andrey 2533 UKR 3
15 GM BRODSKY Michail 2556 UKR 3
16 GM FEDOROV Alexei 2574 BLR 3
17 GM KRYAKVIN Dmitry 2581 RUS 3
18 IM PAVLOV Sergey 2470 UKR 3
19 GM KHARITONOV Alexandr 2558 RUS 3
20 IM CHIGAEV Maksim 2496 RUS 3

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