Saturday, June 14, 2014

Olympiad deadlines fast approaching

Olympiad deadlines fast approaching

Chess federations have until Sunday June 1st to register all players, delegates and congress participants for the Tromsø 2014 Olympiad, while applications for the travel fund and hotel requests must be submitted by June 15th.

Please note that according to the regulations all federations have to provide the organiser with the full names of all players, delegates and congress participants by Sunday June 1st.

Federations need to inform the organiser through the registration system used to accept the invitation to enter the Olympiad. All federations have received a private link to finalise the registration with full names and positions. Please contact Kema Goryeva ( if you have any questions about registration.

The organiser will not accept emails as registration and will not accept registrations after June 1st.

Travel fund

Please note that the deadline for applying for the travel fund is June 15th. The Travel Fund is provided for players. Federation captains, heads of delegations, arbiters, experts, volunteers and trainers are not entitled to receive a travel subsidy. Each federation must apply using the standard application form that can be found on the Travel Fund page.


181 federations and 4 affiliated members will attend the Chess Olympiad 2014, which is a record for Chess Olympiads. Tromsø is a small city with a limited number of hotels, so we kindly ask you to finalise your hotel request by June 15th. We have many requests from federations about accompanying persons and to deal with these we need to know the full picture regarding the players and delegates coming to Tromsø.

Accompanying persons (subject to capacity):
Single room: NOK 900/€111* per room per day
Double room: NOK 1000/€124* per room per day
Food: NOK 650 / €80 * per day

* according to the exchange rate €1 = NOK 8.1020 (28/5/2014)


Anonymous said...

So did the Philippines miss the deadline?

Anonymous said...

Even if the Philippines beat the deadline, they will still have basically no chess team lol With GM Wesley So not playing for obvious reasons (the # 1 in the Philippines); GM Oliver Barbosa (# 3) and GM Mark Paragua (# 7) for the same reasons as So, the Philippines practically has only 1 player in GM Catalino Saddorra (# 2). And the NCFP has yet to select two other members of the chess olympiad team who has yet to play in the Philippine Selection Games (The Battle of the Grandmasters event) which is still uncertain as to when it will start. Practically, the Philippine Chess Team to the Tromso Norway Chess Olympiad in August has already lose its games even without playing unless Fide will allow 1 player to play against the opponents 5 player all by himself in a team event or let GM Saddorra manned Board 1, GM Jayson Gonzales Board 2; GM Prospero Pichay Board 3; GM Napoles Board 4 and GM Denise Cornejo Board 5, that would be great LOL