Sunday, June 01, 2014

São Paulo Chess in Schools

The Municipal Secretary of Education of São Paulo through his program of Educational Chess Movement, organized the "First International Seminar for Chess in the Schools ". This Chess-in-the –Schools initiative currently has over 50,000 students in approximately 350 schools and 700 teachers.

The Seminar was held at the famous Elis Regina Auditorium with about 450 of teachers attending.

The event was opened by the Municipal Secretary of Education Antonio Cesar Callegari and

Coordinator of CEU's and Featured Programs Marta de Betania Juliano.

The two key people who coordinate this gigantic Chess-in-the-Schools program are: Egnon Viana and Sandra Regina Roberto.

The speakers were:

GM Susan Polgar (USA), GM Miguel Illescas (Spain), WIMAdriana Salazar (Columbia) and IM Jefferson Pelikian (Brazil).

As part of the conference, at several of the São Paulo’s 45 CEUs (Centers of Arts and Unified Sports) the guest grandmaster speakers gave simultaneous exhibitions to further motivate the children and to promote chess.

The purpose of the CEUs is to integrate programs and cultural activities, sports and recreation, education and qualification for the labor market, social assistance services, violence prevention policies and digital inclusion to promote citizenship in areas of high social vulnerability of Brazilian cities all at the same place.

Many thanks to the Municipal Secretary of Education of São Paulo for their support to chess, in particular, this Chess-in-the-Schools conference, as well as to Xeque & Mate Empreendimentos

And their tireless representatives Davy D 'Israel and Jefferson Pelikian to coordinate the seminar.

Also I would like to thank Marta Hofmann who has been at my or Miguel’s side at all time during our visit, making sure everything goes smoothly and all our wishes are met.


Anonymous said...

Brazil is a great country.

Vik Vein said...
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Vik Vein said...

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