Monday, June 16, 2014

Tricky chess tactic

White to move. Is this a win or draw for White? How should White proceed?

8/8/1B6/4p3/1b6/1N2K3/Ppk2p2/4R3 w - - 0 1


Anonymous said...

I have no clue. Too difficult.

CraigB said...

1. Na1+ seems to do the trick. 2. R:a1 Be1 3. Ke2 and White ends up with K+R against K at worst.

1... Kc3 2. K:f2 and the K blocks the B from taking the R at e1.

Big Cat said...

I'm struggling.

Stelling said...

Amazing endgame by V. Shoshorin, published at Shakhmaty v SSSR in 1973.

1. Na1+! bxa1=Q 2. Rxa1 Be1 3. Ke2 f1=Q+! 4. Kxf1 Bc3 5. a4! Bxa1 6. a5 Bd4 7. Ke2! Kc3 8. Bxd4 exd4 9. Kd1 and white wins!

Marlon Diaz said...

Na1 will win for white

Anonymous said...

Does na1 wins for white? I think yes :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ra1 win for white. the rest variation are easy...

roger said...

dumb as they come

roger said...

dumb position but good for robots

roger said...

maybe mate, eh mate?

Anonymous said...

Na1+ ??

Lenny said...

Na1+ should win easily. If bxa1, White has Rxa1, and the other pawns are too far removed to cause problems (e.g., if Be1, White has Ke2, threatening Bxf2, etc.). If Kc3 (the only other legal move, Kxf2 should finish the job.

Anonymous said...

White should win!
A1>2....Kb2.3.Rf1.Be1.4.Ke2.Kxa2(otherwise white queens a pawn).5.Bxf2. White wins easily with R for blockaded e pawn.
A2>2.....Be1.3.Ke2.stops f pawn.Kb2.4.Rd1.Kc2.last try.5.Rd5!.e4.6.Bxf2. And white wins easily.he still has a pawn too!

B>1.....Kc3.2.Kxf2.all over.Kc4.3.Rb1(Rd1 does not stop Bd2!). Bc3.4.Nc2!.Kd3.5.Na3! (stops black Kc2) black is almost in zugzwang. Kd2.6.Rxb2+.Bxb2. 7.Nc4+.Kc2.8.Nxb2.Kxb2.9.a4! And the a pawn queens! If 5.....Bb4.6.Rxb2!.Bxa3.7.Rb3+ and 8.Rxa3 winning easily!


trixster said...

difficult position

1. Ra1 is a draw - cant see anything better

1. ... bxRa1 2. Nxa1+ K moves 3. Kxf2

1. ... Be1 Ke2 (followed by Bxf2)

trixster said...

came up with better

1. Na1+ if bxNa1 2. Rxa1 Kb2 3. Rf1 Kxa2 (R+B v B+p perhaps some winning chances for W; none that I'd be able to convert though)
if 1. ... Kc3 2. Kxf2 (and still winning chance for W - still too difficult for me to convert)

Yancey Ward said...

This one took me a while to find because I got sidetracked by the "obvious" Re2+. The problem is that black doesn't have to cooperate by playing Kd1. I think black can draw with 1. ...Kb1 and I pretty sure he draws with 1. ...Kc3, but I spent nearly a half hour working through the details. Only then did I start to consider to odder possibilities, and quickly found...

1. Na1!!

With check. Black can take the knight or he can play the king to c3. I will consider both:

1. .....ba1(Q)
2. Ra1 Be1 (Kb2 3.Rf1 Be1 4.a4)
3. Ke2 Kb2
4. Rd1 Ka2
5. Bf2 and it is over.

And, at move 1:

1. .....Kc3
2. Kf2 Kd2 (any better?)
3. Re2 Kc1
4. Nb3 Kb1
5. a4 and the rest is pretty trivial.