Saturday, July 26, 2014

Attacking chess tactic

White to move. What is the best attacking continuation?



PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

(A)1... fxe6
2.f7+ Nxf7

(2.... Qxf7 loses Q without any compensation.)
3.Qg6 Qe8

(3.... Qe7 4.Qh7+ Kf8 5.5Qh8#)
4.Qh7+ Kf8
5.Nf4 Ke7

(5... Rc6 6.Ng6#)
6.Rxe6 wins Q.

(B)1... g6
2.e7 Qe8
3.Qh4 h5
4.Qg5 followed by 5.Qh6 and 6.Qg7#

(C) 1... Ng6
2.fxg7 Qxg7

(2...Kxg7 3.Rxf7+ wins)
3.Rxf7 wins

e6 said...

1.e6 g6 2.exf7+ Kh7 3.Ng5+ hxg5 4.Qh3+ Qh6 5.Rf3 Nxf7 6.Re7 Kg8 7.Rxf7 Qxh3 8.Rg7+ Kf8 9.Rxh3 /+-/

Yancey Ward said...

I think 1.e6 is the strongest approach:

1. e6 fe6 (alternatives below)

Now, white has a choice again- retake at e6 with the rook, or play f7+. I will cover both since I think they are largely equivalent in term of winning:

2. f7 Nf7?! (Qf7!? 3.Rf7 wins)
3. Qg6! Qe8 (mate otherwise)
4. Re6

Stronger here might be Qh7, but is more complex than the brute force 4.Re6. Continuing:

4. .....Qe6 (mate otherwise)
5. Qe6 wins easily.

At move 2, white should win with an immediate recapture at e6, but it is more complex to my mind than 2. f7+:

1. e6 fe6
2. Re6

White is now threatening both f7 and fxg7. I don't see a real defense. Black can't play either g6 or g5 here. I don't see a better move here than Rc6:

2. .....Rc6
3. fg7

White should win with 3.f7+, too. Continuing:

3. .....Qg7 (any better?)
4. Qg7 Kg7
5. Re7 wins a piece and white still has a devastating attack on the king.

So, at move 1, can black improve on fxe6? The reasonable alternatives I see are g6 and Re8:

1. e6 g6
2. ef7 Qf7 (Nf7 3.Qg6 Kh8 4.Qh7#)

If black plays Kf7, 3.Re7 wins. If black plays Kh7, then 3.Re7 Rab8 4.Ng5 will mate black eventually. Continuing:

3. Re7 and white wins with ease.

Finally, at move 1:

1. e6 Re8
2. e7 Re7 (what else now?)
3. Re7 wins.

PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

After observing the comments I had to think whether my part(B) is wrong.
1.e6 g6
2.e7 Qe8
does black have some defence?
(3... Qh7 4.Ng5+ Kg8 5.Qxh6 wins).Then after
3... h5
4.Qg5 Rc6

(4.... Qh7 is refuted by 5.Qxh5+)
5.Qh6 Rxf6
6.Ng5 Rxf1+
7.B/R/Kxf1 Qxe7
8.Qh7+ Kf8

Yancey Ward said...

Prof S.G.

"Wrong" is too strong a word in many chess situations. I hadn't considered 2.e7 simply because 2.exf7 works to win, and it never really occurred to me to look further afield. I reviewed your comment earlier today, and concluded 2.e7 is as good or better than my suggestion.

PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

Dear Yancey,
I was trying to find out whether there was a loophole in my analysis.This usually happens to me when nobody else endorses my view.My view was based on white Q finding a way to g7.Suppose there is a way for black to stall my plan of reaching g7.The position is still won but white has to think of fresh adventure on Q side.I had actually planned to take the rook by 5... Rxf6 6.Rxf6 satisfied with a R for a P but mate would be far away.But only yesterday i hit upon 6.Ng5 leading to mate.