Friday, August 01, 2014

Checkmate in 5

White to move and checkmate in 5.

b3r2R/4k3/rn2N3/1p1pN3/1b1P4/8/p4P2/1nRK1B2 w - - 0 1


PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

Dear phd
I have posted my reply to your comment on July 18.Please go through it.

Harry Hariharan said...

1.Rc7+ is the move!
Main Line
1. Rc7+ Kxe6
2. Rh6+ Kf5
3. Rf7+ Kg5
4. Rg6+ Kh4
5. Rh7#

1st move variants
1. Rc7+ Kf6
2. Rh6+ Kf5
3. Bd3#

1B - very interesting and most challenging!
1. Rc7+ Kd6
2. Rxe8 Nc3+
3. Kc2 a1=N+
4. Kd3 Any move
5. Nf7#

1. Rc7+ Nd7
2. Rxd7+ Kf6
3. Rh6+ Kf5
4. Bd3#

1. Rc7+ Nd7
2. Rxd7+ Kxe6
3. Bh3+ Kf6
4. Rf7+ Kg5
5. Rf5#

3rd move variant
1. Rc7+ Kxe6
2. Rh6+ Kf5
3. Rf7+ Ke4
4. Rh4#


PROF.S.G.BHAT said...

I got it straight.I don't know if there is a catch.
1.Rc7+ Kxe6
2.Rxd7+ Kxe6
3.Bh3+ kf5
4.Rf7+ kg5
2.Rh6+ Kf5
3.Rf7+ Kg5
4.Rg6+ Kh4

In both cases 3.... Ke4 4.Rh4#

Yancey Ward said...

The critical line is 1.Rc7 Kd6. In that line, there is some careful play that white must do with his king to evade checks long enough to mate with the knight from f7.