Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Chess and Politics Game

Forbes ridicules 'chess talent' Kasparov for cheap 'blame Putin' slogans

World famous magazine Forbes ridiculed Garry Kasparov for blatant political incompetence. Kasparov said that it was Moscow that was supervising ISIS terrorist group.

Forbes criticized former world champion Garry Kasparov, saying that he may well be a "chess talent," but "when it comes to politics, Kasparov often demonstrates incompetence."

The article, which was published on the website of the magazine, followed most recent remarks from Mr. Kasparov, who said that it was Vladimir Putin, who orchestrated the occupation of northern Iraq by ISIS terrorist group.

"How on earth is Vladimir Putin to blame for the actions of Islamist terrorists in another country? Does anyone really think that ISIS fighters, who first rose to prominence fighting against one of Vladimir Putin's closest regional allies, are actually waiting for cues from Moscow? Is it possible that without the annexation Crimea the ISIS high command, which has been leading a ruthless struggle against "infidels" for the past three years, would have decided that instead of jihad they'd actually organize a beach volleyball tournament?" the article in Forbes says.

"Kasparov never explained how Putin is to blame for what's happening in Iraq because it's an obviously unsupported and unsupportable position. It's a slogan ("blame Putin!") more than it is a serious attempt at political analysis," the article continues.

America does not need what Mr. Kasparov offers - a cheap slogan, the article concludes.

Garry Kasparov has frequently been a figure of high-profile political scandals. For example, Kasparov has recently been photographed biting a police officer. Many in Russia start to chuckle, when Kasparov says that Putin's regime will collapse in one or two years. Kasparov says that every year, since 2007.

Political analyst Belkovsky, who is a political father of opposition activist Aleksei Navalny, said that "Kasparov is a professional fundraiser, who collects money on unrealistic projects." "When Kasparov suddenly realizes that people see right through him, when people see that he is a crook, it does not frustrate him, and he does not even believe that it could be so."



Anonymous said...

Forbes is on the side of FIDE?

Papan Catur said...

Let's we search the sponsor for the biggest chess match : Kasparov vs Carlsen. Who will win?

Anonymous said...

This is a conspiracy against Kasparov. FIDE must behind the Forbes article.

James I. Hymas said...

This is very peculiar. The article in Forbes, at , doesn't really seem to have a lot to do with what Kasparov actually said (at )

Anonymous said...

Kasparov will never be an effective leader of FIDE, he is UNFIT (mentally, psychologically & emotionally) to be FIDE President. Look at his party-mates running for FIDE Asia Presidency - the National Chess Federation of the Philippines President Prospero Pichay, a very CORRUPT & INCOMPETENT sports official in the Philippines. Kasparov likes to associate himself with the corrupt people, dirty politician & incompetents. Kasparov likes to run his mouth without breaks, uttering anything under the sun whether good or bad but he speaks more bad things than good. He is the greatest chess player of all time but he is an incompetent, unproven and dangerously volatile person not a perfect fit for FIDE.