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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wesley So's follow up interview with Chessdom

Following an earlier interview with Wesley So about his attempt to transfer to the US Chess Federation, there have been some developments and we took an opportunity to talk with Wesley again.

Wesley will not play at the Chess Olympiad in Tromso, but nevertheless he will be present at the event as one of the coaches of US teams.

Chessdom: Hello Wesley. Thank you for giving us a short interview before going to Italy for the ACP Golden Classic. First of all, can you give us a quick update on your situation regarding the transfer of federation?

Wesley So: It is encouraging. I just spoke to the President of the NCFP Mr. Pichay on the phone yesterday for about 30 minutes. It was a good conversation. In short, he said that he is not upset with me at all, and he only wishes the best for my chess career.

He has no objection with me transferring federation to the US. Unfortunately, he said that he is not in the position to sign the consent for my release without the approval from the PSC (Philippines Sports Commission). This is the organization which funds the NCFP and they have the overall final authority.

My understanding is if the PSC consents, Pichay will also consent, and it will be final. So it is now up to the PSC to decide. The ball is on their court and the clock is ticking.

Chessdom: So do you think the PSC will release you?

Wesley So: I do not know, I certainly hope so. They have nothing to gain by not signing the consent form. They also cannot stop me from making the transfer.

The only thing they can do is make me wait for approximately another full year. This would certainly harm my chess development because I have to sit out on all official FIDE tournaments, including the World Championship cycle, and various important invitations.

Chessdom: Will you let us know if new developments occur?

Wesley So:
Of course.

Chessdom: Are you excited about the ACP Golden Classic?

Wesley So: Yes, of course. There are many strong players and I am looking forward to many good games.

Chessdom: What do you think about the adjournment format?

Wesley So: I do not know yet. This is my first experience playing with the adjournment rule. I will tell you if I like it or not after the tournament.

Chessdom: Good luck in the tournament and thank you again for taking time to talk to us.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that So will be banned by the NCFP, PSC, and KFC.

Anonymous said...

Still don't have work eh? Let me gues Joey Villar of Phil Star? Bobby Ang of Business World? Neil Maglas - alter ego of Joey V? Pichay? Gonzales? Estimo? - One common denominator ALL PAID ASSASSINS out to destroy GM Wesley So. Mahiya naman kayo mga kupal muks

Anonymous said...

I remember one of the interview of Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) official says if GM Wesley So wants to be RELEASED he should get the consent of NCFP. If NCFP says OK, PSC also says OK. Now here you go NCFP President Pichay says that it is the PSC would will have to approve not the NCFP, if PSC says OK NCFP also OK. Its like an international football case going back & forth and before you know it GM Wesley So has already sit for 1 year. NCFP President Pichay thinks people are morons to believe him. As a standard practice, all you do is pass a NCFP Board Resolution with all your signature sign with the resolution containing consent to transfer of federation of GM Wesley So from Philippines to US Chess Federation, merits and reasoning of transfer, and NCFP is endorsing said resolution to the Philippine Sports Commission for final decision. The PSC will use as basis the resolution of NCFP consenting the transfer of GM Wesley So with accompanying explanation on the merits of transfer then based on that PSC will decide. The best people to know if the transfer has merits or not is NCFP not the PSC. It is NEVER the other way around. To INSIST that the PSC will first decide and if consents NCFP will also consent is MORONIC & STUPIDITY. This is how it works in the government and this is how we require NSA to do. You NCFP are just making people see PSC as stupid. NCFP should decide and PSC come only to confirm or over rule your decision.

Anonymous said...

My feeling is this, Nakamura is better than so no matter what federation he joins. There can only be one best GM Asian in America. And most definitely, it is not So.

Anonymous said...

I wish the best of luck for GM Wesley So if he really is that great then its up to his decision to transfer to another federation. But still I guess he is a Filipino at heart, don't worry Wes, we will be producing Filipino greats here.We have GM Fritz 11.

Anonymous said...

Pichay is not forthcoming and honest. He didn't say he made a favorable recommendation. Moros-moros style. I wish they [Pichay, Garcia, et al] could prove me wrong. Abangan ang resulta. They're devoid of wisdom and fatherly touch as I already said previously. Investigation and/or audit is in order. PDAF or DAP?

Anonymous said...

Anand became world champion without ditching his not so well off organization. Anand actually acknowledge his stays in the Philippines help him when he is starting his chess. Now So who is already in the top 15 wants to do otherwise because one of reasons is he wasnt recognize when he won at Russia olympics. He must realize that chess is not that popular in the Phils unlike Basketball. Actually I have Indians co-workers who doesnt know Anand. Lumaki na talaga ulo ng bata.

Anonymous said...

Iba situation ni Anand, India is near Europe where strong tournaments are.

At syempre lalaki ulo dahil naging adult unlike you di makaintindi maliit pa rin ulo.

Anonymous said...

Gago ka! Joey Villar or Neil Maglas? Tangina mo crab mentality magsama ka ng amo mong korakot bweset.. Kaw dyan ka hanggang ngayon hampas lupa ka pa rin parehas ka ng pamilyo mo ulol! Laki ba ng bayad ni Pichay sa yo? Mahiya ka naman

Anonymous said...

Makitid utak mo di uubra mga paninira niyo mga tuta ng NCFP mamatay kayong lahat sampu ng mga pamilya niyo mga ulol.

Anonymous said...

People from the NCFP with their PAID JOURNALIST always find ways to Destroy GM Wesley So just because NCFP President Pichay was upset because the kid did not follow what they want. They seem to target ONLY GM Wesley So while in truth and in fact, three (3) Philippine GM's are leaving NCFP to change federation... GM's Wesley So, Oliver Barbosa and Mark Paragua. Its strange that NCFP paid media is only targeting GM Wesley So. Now that is a classic & typical case of CRAB MENTALITY, STUPIDITY, SOURGRAPING, SUGARCOATING & JEALOUSY. And these people criticizing GM So & always attacking him in media by spreading more lies and misinformation are the REAL TRAITORS of FLAG & COUNTRY. They should be shot at point blank for being a TRAITOR to the Filipino people. SHAME on NCFP and their paid assassins (journalist) you know who you are. Makarma kayo niyan at mamatay kayo sa impyerno kasama pamilya niyo.

Anonymous said...

Janelle Frayna is very good in chess

Anonymous said...

Is that the girl that BEAT VERY BADLY GM Bitoon and bunch of other players? She's good coz she can wipe out a Philippine Chess Grandmasters... an ukay-ukay type of GM LOL

Anonymous said...

Is that how the National Chess Federation train their Grandmasters? To lose againt a girl? Do they even have a training system for their chess players? If you look at the Fide ranking Philippines has 12 GM's composed of 1 w/ 2700 plus rating; 1 w/ 2600 flat rate; 6 w/ 2500 plus and the rest are 2,400 plus. Except for GM's So, Saddora, Barbosa & Paragua, all remaining GM's rarely play outside of the country as they prefer playing in-house tournaments and if they decide to play abroad, they get beaten badly. Which means NCFP, though they somehow manufacture GM's in-house, most of them are weak GM's that even old man & girls can beat them blindfold. Poor NCFP leadership, no adequate exposure in chess matches abroad specially in Europe, lack of funds for training, no extensive chess coaching by a foreigner, lack of strong tournaments in Phils and Asia. Phil GM's remain idle and when they compete abroad, they look like a moron or idiot due to poor preparations and formal training, most of them I guess are self-trained. Poor state of Philippines Chess.

Anonymous said...

All Fillipines here just stop. Whatsthe point? So is not that good anyway to be worth your time or mine. He is just begging USA to have him to mop the floor GM Nakamura walks on. Clearly So is just a pretender. He should go back to Fillipines and stay there. At least he is famous in a country nobody even heard of. Lol.

Nil Mag??? said...

Wesley So should just go back to the Philippines and plant vegetable like camote and pechay.