Thursday, August 21, 2014

Butch, please release Wesley So

By Frank 'Boy' Pestaño
Thursday, August 21, 2014

I CAN'T understand the reasons. The National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) has nothing to gain but ridicule and scorn from the Philippine chess community if it does not release Wesley So to the USCF.

In Tromso, Norway, where the Chess Olympiad was just held, Wesley accompanied by Paul Troung and Susan Polgar, his manager and trainer respectively, said a meeting--more like a confrontation--with NCFP Butch Pichay Jr. did not lead to any amicable settlement.

Pichay allegedly said that releasing So would jeopardize the government funding to the chess body, which is provided by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). Pichay repeated several times that releasing Wesley means the NCFP will lose around $500,000 from the PSC each year.

Wesley was “in total shock and physically shaken as he was not expecting this bullying session in front of others in the Olympiad VIP Lounge.”

Under Fide rules, a player may transfer to a new federation immediately provided the old federation does not object. Otherwise, the transfer becomes complicated, including payment of fees and sitting out as long as two years. In that period, a player is prohibited from participating in any competition. Since Wesley has a 2700 plus Elo, the transfer fee amounts to 50,000 Euros or around P3 million pesos. So hoped to avoid all the complications by getting a simple release from the NCFP.

Ritchie Garcia ,the Chairman of the PSC, reacted strongly against the claim by Pichay.

He said the government sports agency will not withhold financial assistance to the NCFP if it allowed GM Wesley So to transfer to the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

“Personally, I wish him well in his dream to become a world chess champion because I know, no matter what happens, he will always be a Filipino,” said Garcia in an interview with the Journal Group of Publications.

“There’s no truth to reports that the PSC is telling the NCFP to prevent Wesley So from transferring to the USCF by refusing to sign an agreement releasing him. As a government sports agency, we all know we cannot meddle in the affairs of the NCFP or any other national sports association.



Anonymous said...

No, Pichay will punish him.

Anonymous said...

Still did not find work all these times? Darn your such a weakass... either your stupid or an idiot... Either case, you should forget about working, you dont even have a chance in life. Might as well commit harakiri to end your misery. Your just a liability in this world, a useless person. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Pichay should be honest and open. Maybe he or his group has jelousy, rancor, hate or hidden motives because he lies many times in his statements. Maybe Bambol Tolentino who is newly eleted as secretary general of FIDE should stop this bullying or change the leadership of NCFP as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wesley... when will you start to play chess again? Waiting for your release by Pichay will NEVER happen... if you premise your return to active competition only upon release by NCFP Pichay... I guess we will see you playing again only on September 2015, next year. What will you do to spend your 1 year of inactivity then? That wont land you on Top 10 by being inactive...

Anonymous said...

You still have time to change your decision over this matter otherwise you will regret it in your life. Wake up Mr. Pichay you won't gain anything stop the bullshit majority of all filipinoes still support him no matter what. Besides even in NBA basketball they switch players just can't see any reason for holding him (GM SO). Karma will get you Mr. Pichay.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pichay you don't really make sense at all please change your decision be a man of principle otherwise everything you are doing right now will come back on you whether it's by "Karma" or it could be anything. Have you not learn anything yet!


JustFriendsDI said...

Pichay's attitude is typical of most government employees from the lower ranks all the way up to the top bosses.
Kung walang lagay or if you don't know anybody with influence they will make it difficult for anybody to transact their business especially kung may kaunting kilangan as simple as this.
It's sad but true... that's why many kababayans are leaving the country.

Lack of opportunities and bulok na systema. Malayo na sana narating ng pinas if this people have high values and morals.

Magbago tayong lahat to really experience "It's more fun in the Philippines".